Create Presets for Canon Printers on a Mac


Provides an overview of setting printing presets for Canon devices on a Mac.


This document will show you how to create presets for Color and Black and White printing options for Canon Printers on Mac computers.

The Color and Black & White instructions will work in any program, with the exception of printing from PDF files in Acrobat. Please see the Acrobat Preset instructions at the bottom of this page for more.

Creating Color Presets

1.) Begin by clicking 'File' -> Print'


2.) Click 'Print Options' and select 'Printer Features'


3.) Select 'Color' under 'Feature Sets'

4.) Select 'Color' in 'Color Mode'

Once this is done, the presets can be created.

5.) In order to save them, beside 'Presets' click the drop-down arrow 

6.) Select 'Save Current Settings as Presets' -> Canon Color

To restore the original Default Black and White Presets

1.) To the right of 'Presets', select 'Default Settings' from the drop-down list

2.) Select 'Print' 

 Creating Presets for Acrobat Files

1.) Open the Document, Select 'File' --> 'Print'

This image shows how to find the print option in acrobat.

2.) Select 'Canon Printer,' then click Printer button on the lower left

This image says to select the Canon printer to being presets by clicking the printer in the lower left.

3.) When prompted, check "Do not show this message again," then select 'Yes'

This image asks you to click yes to continue.

4.) Select the preferred settings, in this case choose preset Canon color

This shows you how to select the Canon preset.

5.) Select 'Print' and the print job should now be set to the Canon printer



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