Inman Admission Presentation Rooms


Update the content shown in Clohan Theatre (Room 113), Weisenburger (Room 112) and Bright Room (Room 104)


Updating Presentation Material for Inman Admission Presentation Rooms

These are instructions on how to update the content shown in Clohan Theatre (Room 113), Weisenburger (Room 112) and Bright Room (Room 104)


An Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine HD (DVM8500) is used to playback videos in the above mentioned rooms. The Digital Video Machine HD offers flexible playback options with superb video quality. The DVM-8500 supports a variety of common industry-standard video and audio formats. However, the files loaded onto the Compact Flash cards must adhere to some specific encoding and file-naming requirements in order to playback properly in the DVM-8500. The following sections provides detailed information on those requirements so that you can successfully create and load content into the DVM-8500.

General Information

How to use industry-standard encoding software to create video for Alcorn McBride Video Products

There are an overwhelming number of video and audio formats used throughout the A/V industry to store content within a file. Reading through spec sheets and trying to understand what must be done to create the proper type of content for a product can be enough to make your head spin. This application note has been created to help you through this process by providing specific guidance on how to encode for our video products.

Below you will find links to encoding guides written for several common industry-standard encoding software packages. If your favorite encoding software is not included among these guides, we’ve also included generic encoding guides that cover the information you’ll need to configure your encoder.
Encoding with MediaFlow
Encoding with Main Concept TotalCode Studio
Encoding with Adobe Premiere
Encoding with Sony Vegas
Encoding with TMPG
Encoding Standard-Definition Video
Encoding High-Definition Video

source Alcorn McBride


Once you have your content created, it needs to be exported as a video. We have found it best to use Adobe Premiere to edit and export the video. Please review the encoding guide linked above for Adobe Premiere.


Content needs to be formatted to 16:9 aspect ratio at 1080p. (1920x1080)


DVM-8500 – [APR_DVM8500.ZIP]

Naming the Exported File

For the preshow only, please name the file


If you are creating another file to upload, please notate this in your work order submission.

Submitting your file for upload

Once you have your file exported. Upload it to onedrive or dropbox and send the link to the Service Desk Please request Classroom Support to update the content. A work order will be created and a team member will be assigned your request. They will follow up with any additional information required.



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