Link an Enterprise/Business LastPass Account to a Personal LastPass Account


Link your Elon Business/Enterprise LastPass account to your personal LastPass account.


These instructions will allow users to link personal LastPass accounts (used for non-Elon related accounts) to their Elon University Enterprise LastPass Account (used for Elon-related accounts). This will require you to have previously setup both types of accounts and have the LastPass plugin installed. Learn more about setting up Personal LastPass Accounts and Elon LastPass Accounts.

The following instructions utilize the Firefox web browser.

1.) Click the LastPass Plugin Icon (1) and then click 'My Vault'

Image of My Vault in LastPass, with 1 (circled) as the Plugin icon and 2 (circled) the My Vault option.


2.) On the bottom-left side of the screen, click 'Link Account'

Image of the Link Account option, with Link Account circled.

Are you seeing Account Benefits in the left navigation instead? First, link your personal account via Families as a Benefit.

3.) Enter the email account information for your personal account and click 'Link Account'

Image of where to enter email account information


4.) Congratulations! Your accounts are now linked!



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LastPass is a secure password management tool that helps Elon University faculty, staff and students manage passwords.