Personal LastPass Account


Sign-up for a personal LastPass account.


These instructions cover signing up for a LastPass account using a personal email address. Visit the LastPass User Reference Guide for more information. User Guide

Please note: While you must verify your Elon email account to sign up, the email associated with the account must be a non-Elon email. 

1.) Visit


2.) Fill out the form and click Submit

Your Elon University email address is needed to verify it is an active email address.

Your personal LastPass account will be tied to a non-Elon University email address such as,,

A screen with fields for entering your university email address and a current LastPass account below


3.) Now, check your Elon email account for a verification email from LastPass and click the verification link

The LastPass welcome email with the "Creat my account link"


4.) Fill out the form and click 'Create Account' or Log in if you already have a free account

The create an account screen


5.) Confirm your password and click 'Create Account'



6.) Click confirm to be upgraded to a premium account through Elon's arrangement with LastPass



7.) Congratulations! You have created a personal LastPass account.



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LastPass is a secure password management tool that helps Elon University faculty, staff and students manage passwords.