Raiser's Edge NXT Database View Problems and Solutions


Resolving common issues with Raiser's Edge NXT.


These are the common problems we've encountered for the Database View (Raiser's Edge 7 desktop client running in Citrix) and their solutions.  For Citrix Workspace installation and update issues, see my Citrix Workspace article.

Raiser's Edge logon dialog (old style) prompts for credentials with the user's login name or "Supervisor" pre-filled.

This requires a user with Supervisor permissions within RE (Database View) to go to Admin \ Users, select the user in question, select Windows Authentication, search with no filter, and scroll for the user to select him. More detail at the Blackbaud Knowledgebase.


Half the screen is black, or mouse clicks don't hit their target, or screen is slightly blurred.

Edit the Properties for these files:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\wfcrun32.exe"
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\wfica32.exe"

If your Windows File Explorer View settings are not set to show file extensions, you'll just see "wfcrun32" without the ".exe", but the Type will still be "Application":

The EXE file extensions highlighted and the Application label circled in red

If these files are not present--if the Citrix directory is not present--you may have another version of the Citrix client that is not certified by Blackbaud for use with Database View.  Please uninstall and install from the "pancakes" menu in NXT.  The Install Workspace menu choice will take you to the Citrix site to download it.  While it is often not necessary to reboot after installing it in order to fix some other problems, it seems it is necessary to reboot to fix this problem.

In the Compatibility tab, check “Override high DPI scaling behavior.” This Citrix Support article calls the setting "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". 

This image shows the wfcrun properties with "Override high DP scaling behavior" checkbox circled.

The checkbox may be in a dialog behind the Change high DPI settings button:

The properties dialog box with the Compatibility tab selected

Keep the drop-down box on ‘Application’ as that seems to be solving the issue.  If it doesn't you might try another dropdown value, or if you have not rebooted since installing the Citrix client, try that first before changing the dropdown value.

Also, check the relevant Citrix Workspace setting:  right-click the Citrix Workspace icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, choose Advanced Preferences, then the High DPI link.  "Yes" (which I believe to be the default) is working.  


Google Chrome just downloads the .ica file, doesn't run it.

Download the file, then in the bar at the bottom of Chrome click the ^ to the right of the .ica filename and choose "Always open files of this type":

This image shows the arrow symbol reference in this step. The mouse icon is hovering over it.


Database View menu choice does nothing

You may have an abandoned/hung session on the Citrix server at Blackbaud, or Citrix may have crashed on your workstation.  Click the Database options menu choice:

The mouse pointing to the database options button

...then if you have any entries in the resulting page use the Terminate my sessions button--you will lose any unsaved work in that Raiser's Edge database view:

terminate session button in database options

Retry launching with the usual Open database view menu item.


Windows doesn't know what to do with an .ica file.

Associate it with "Citrix Connection Manager":

The how do you want to open this file prompt

If you don't see it in the list, scroll to the bottom:

The mouse over the "look for another app on this PC" option

...browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\ and select wfcrun32.exe .

I see something about broadcasting my game when I launch Database View or other applications in Citrix.

An example of the aforementioned error message.

Choose Gaming in Windows Settings:

An image of the Gaming settings, which has been circled.

Select Game bar and turn off Record game clips...

An image where the Game bar has been circled, as well as the toggle button for Record game clips.


Error when you save/validate an address

This is one symptom, the problem may present itself in other ways, too:

An example of the error that appears when saving or validating an address.

Now that the product is hosted Blackbaud should maintain the address file updates. It's more likely the problem is a misconfigured path to the address file. It should be:

An image outlining the process of going to Tools and then User Options.

An image showing where to change Address Accelerator Data files, with the location circled.


Cannot save a file to your local machine

When you try to export a Query or run an Export, or use the "Hosted files" (also Citrix) application, you can see your local file system but not save to it. When you first launched Database View in Citrix you were prompted to allow it to save to the local file system and did not permit it, and subsequently are not offered that choice. Uninstalling and reinstalling do not trigger the prompt. The known way to get this prompt is to uninstall, run the Citrix Clean-Up Utility, reinstall, and launch Database View. I also think you can change the selection by using Citrix Connection Center \ Preferences, launched from Citrix Workspace in your Windows system tray ("Notification area"), and will try this next time I see the problem.


An error dialog saying things about the server refusing the connection and TLS 1.0

The Citrix receiver, unable to launch your application

You have an out-of-date version of the Citrix client installed.  You'll need to be a member of the machine's Administrators group, uninstall the Citrix client, download it from the Install Workspace link, and install using Run as administrator:

The Install workspace menu option selected



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Raiser's Edge NXT users also have access to the old Win32 client--and hosted files via an interface similar to Windows Explorer--via Citrix.

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Generally, issues related to Raiser's Edge NXT are handled by the vendor, Blackbaud. However, if the issue is related to accounts or Citrix, IT will troubleshoot the issue.