Upgrade or Install Microsoft Office 365


Outlines how to upgrade to or install Office 2016.


Microsoft Office 365 is now available for faculty, staff, and students. If you wish to upgrade to Office 365, please follow these instructions.

You must uninstall any current version of Microsoft Office from your device in order to proceed with the below installation. Make sure you retain a copy of the current Microsoft Office license or product key before uninstalling.

Additionally, RightFax WILL NOT WORK with Outlook.

Downloading Office 365 through www.elon.edu/office365 allows the user's to install Microsoft Office 365 up to five (5) times for free. 

1.) Go to www.elon.edu/office365.

2.) Use your Elon username and password to log in. (Account type is 'Work or school account' )

3.) In the right-hand corner, click 'Install apps' and from the drop-down list, select 'Microsoft 365 apps'.



4.) Depending on your browser, select 'Save File' then 'Run'.

An image of the save file prompt.

An image of the run prompt.

5.) Microsoft Office 365 will begin installing in the background. DO NOT GO OFFLINE OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS PROCESS.

An image of Office installing in the background

6.) Your installation is finished when you see the phrase, 'You're all set! Office is installed now' and an animation plays to show you where to find Microsoft 365 applications on your computer. Select 'Close'.

7.) You can find Office 365 by navigating to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office 365



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