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A glossary of terms and definitions used in Change Management.
Overview of change management procedures.
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Provides links to sites providing information on how to clear browser cache and history for various web browsers.
Where to find serial number/license keys for downloaded software from OnTheHub.
Web browsers to use for various Elon University systems and applications.
Located on the third floor of Powell, this room serves as a classroom and lab with seating available for 24 people.
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Add a numerical question into a Moodle Quiz.
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Hiding and showing blocks on your Moodle page.
Learn how to easily connect your laptop to Philo Edu to watch TV.
Located on the third floor of the Global Commons, this space operates as a hangout and study space that seats approximately 12 students.
Provides support links for the Windows 10 operating system.
Considerations for sharing course content through Moodle.
Provided by Microsoft, LinkedIn Learning, and others about using Microsoft Teams.
Walks you through how to create groups in your Moodle course.
Explains how to leave audio or video feedback on an assignment.
Explains how to add a True/False question into a Moodle Quiz.
Explains how to add a short answer question into a Moodle Quiz. It is important to know that Moodle treats Short Answer questions as a fill in the blank question.