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Update the content shown in Clohan Theatre (Room 113), Weisenburger (Room 112) and Bright Room (Room 104)
Information about what to do with your technology when moving office spaces.
Install Syncplicity from an off-campus location.
Provides options for personal or student organization website/blog use.
Discusses how to add non-Elon users to blogs.
Shows how to post a comment in a WordPress blog.
Overview for faculty to use clickers in classes.
Discusses how to reset your password for
Overview of how to add Elon users to a blog.
Overview on adding video to a blog post.
Information on how to add an image to a blog post.
Overview of how to write a WordPress blog.
Overview of editing and publishing posts in WordPress.
Provides an overview of removing users from a WordPress blog.
Provides an overview of updating your user profile in WordPress.
Overview configuring WordPress for mobile devices.
Record a Webex meeting and upload it to Moodle.
Provides support links for Skype tutorials and help.
Helpful information about getting started with Moodle.
Add a user to a Moodle course.
Add a user photo to Moodle.
Customize your Moodle dashboard to only display current courses.
Kaltura with support links to other pieces of documentation.
Documentation involving MediaSpace, which is used for Elon Law School faculty, staff, and students.
Add a video to MediaSpace using Kaltura for Law School Faculty.