Recently Modified Articles

Download and install the Cisco Jabber client to use a "soft phone."
Provides an overview of using OneDrive on an Android device.
Learn how to quickly get started using Kaltura.
Links to help you get started using Zoom.
Information about OnTrack availability.
The multi-factor authentication method (MFA), Duo Security, for logging into some web applications, offers step-by-step guide details to help you self-enroll to use the service.
Overview of channels available via Philo Edu.
Outlines supported devices for viewing Philo Edu TV.
Overview of how to view Philo Edu on a mobile device.
Elon students living in campus residence halls connect to Philo Edu for live TV services and premium content, including HBO Max access.
Public computer access for guests in Belk Library at Elon University.
Zoom can be integrated with Moodle so you can manage all of your classroom Zoom activities from one Spot. With this integration you can schedule meetings, accessing recordings, share your meetings to your Moodle calendar, and begin instant meetings.
Add webcam recordings to Moodle.
Summarizes for students how to download Kaltura Personal Capture onto their computer, and how to record and upload a video to Moodle for an assignment.
Outlines how to create a video quiz in Kaltura.
Outlines how students can upload videos to Kaltura.
Walks users through the process of downloading their personal Kaltura media.
Record and add lecture videos to Moodle using Kaltura Personal Capture.
Use the analytics section of video quizzes through Kaltura.
Outlines how to add a video to Moodle using Kaltura.
Edit closed captions within Kaltura at Elon University.
Recommends virus and spyware protection software.
Information regarding the use of Microsoft Defender. This is useful for potentially infected computers.
Explains how to add a True/False question into a Moodle Quiz.
Explains how to add a short answer question into a Moodle Quiz. It is important to know that Moodle treats Short Answer questions as a fill in the blank question.