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View your tickets from the IT Self-Service Portal.
Access and search the IT Knowledge Base.
Helpful steps for accessing and searching the IT Service Catalog.
Printing for faculty & staff at Elon, with links to appropriate additional other knowledge base articles.
Virtual classrooms that allow for more flexible software requests.
Information about publicly accessible Canon devices.
Outlines how to sign in to the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
Back up data on Windows computers to an external device, such as an external hard drive, CD-R, USB memory stick, or network storage.
What to do if Phoenix Card username has been locked due to user inactivity.
Troubleshoot tips for docking station issues.
Access the Syncplicity program.
Computer lab hours at Elon University.
Form used by Department Chairs to either allow students to register for a closed class, without the prerequisites, or both.
Form for instructors to submit a grade change for a student.
Form used by Department Chairs to submit a substitution exception for a student. The request is processed by the Registrar's Office.
Time entry for hourly staff FAQ.
Enter and view monthly leave time for administrative staff.
Assessment factors used for job postings in AppTrack.
Find your Elon University ID Number.
Colleague at Elon FAQ.
Time entry for student staff FAQ.
Time entry for student staff. Includes accessing your time sheet, choosing a time sheet, entering time, and signing/submitting your time sheet.
Supervisor Work Agreement for supervisors hiring student workers.
Use names when running reports from Entrinsik Informer.
Delete an Entrinsik Informer report.