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Most classrooms and some meeting spaces have projectors, usually visible on the ceiling and accessed via the room's Crestron touch-screen panel. When you activate the Crestron system (by touching the panel and following the directions), the projector should turn on automatically. If you find the system is on but the projector isn't displaying, try shutting down the Crestron system and restarting.

If you are having trouble in a classroom or conference room, please try searching for that space in the Knowledge Base (troubleshooting specific to that location may be available). 

If you are still having trouble, choose "Report an Issue" and fill out the form.

Available To

Faculty, staff, students, and guest using the in-room projectors.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Project images, presentations, videos, etc. in the classroom or meeting  space.


There is no cost to use this service. 

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