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Download Reports from Colleague

Overview of how to download reports from Colleague. ... Skip to: Left click on "Download" | Right click on "Download" When running reports and/or processes in Colleague, you may be prompted to download a file. The download prompt will be displayed with

Search for People or Forms in Colleague

Overview of how to search for people or forms in Ellucian Colleague. ... colleague ... Skip to: Search for a Person | Search for a Form | Context Card Perform Searches for People or Forms Ellucian Colleague offers the convenience of being able to search for forms or people

Favorite Forms and People in Colleague

Add and access favorite forms and people in Colleague. ... colleague ... star at the top left of your Colleague session. Click the name of the form. Click on Open. Return to: Top of page Add a Person to Favorites When the person is in the context

Colleague - FAQ and Helpful Hints

FAQ and helpful hints for using Ellucian Colleague ... colleague ... FAQ Do I need to use the VPN client to connect to Colleague? A VPN connection is required to access Ellucian Colleague and you must connect to the VPN before trying to connect to Colleague

Colleague VPN Access for Student Workers

Student worker access to Colleague VPN on-campus. ... student-worker-colleague ... Student workers accessing Colleague (ERP) will need to log in with Cisco AnyConnect. Student worker access to the Colleague is limited to registered machines on the Elon network. To access the

DUO Security & Colleague VPN Using Cisco AnyConnect

Overview of DUO Security and Colleague VPN using Cisco AnyConnect. ... Elon University requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) using DUO Security for those logging into the Colleague system. MFA enhances the security of your online accounts by using your landline

Use the DUO Mobile App to Connect to Colleague VPN

colleague ... These instructions cover how to connect to the Colleague VPN using Cisco AnyConnect and how to use DUO Security to complete multi-factor authentication for that connection. The following information

DUO for Single Sign On (SSO) Applications (not Colleague) - FAQ

DUO for Web Applications (not for Colleague) FAQ. ... Who uses DUO and AnyConnect? Various web applications for faculty, staff and students require multi-factor authentication. This is not for general use by students. Why do I need DUO

DUO & AnyConnect for Colleague VPN Access - Frequently Asked Questions

DUO Security and AnyConnect for Colleague VPN access FAQ. ... Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding DUO Security and the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for Colleague VPN access. Who uses DUO and AnyConnect? Faculty and staff

Use the DUO Mobile App for Single Sign On (SSO) Applications (not Colleague)

Provides an overview of using the Duo Mobile App to authenticate to Web Applications (not for use with Colleague). ... These instructions cover how to use the DUO Mobile App for single sign on (SSO) web applications. The process outlined below uses a device running iOS. For information on other devices, select the

Set Up VPN

colleague ... connections – Campus VPN and two for the Colleague ERP/SIS. Campus VPN (for use when Off Campus only - in your AnyConnect client window) This is the main VPN connection that most


Are there different VPN connections? Yes, there are two different VPN connections: Campus VPN and Colleague VPN. The difference being what you are trying to access. Campus VPN is only used when

OnTrack Availability Schedule

The Information Technology team is working to address issues with access to Ontrack, Colleague, and Entrinsik Informer, impacting all campus users at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing and will keep you informed of developments as they occur.

Planned Downtimes for Major Systems/Services

Listed below are planned downtimes for Moodle, Colleague (Ellucian), OnTrack, and major systems/services maintained by Information Technology. We encourage you to note these windows of time while

Recommended Browsers for Elon Systems

Colleague IE, Firefox Colleague CANNOT be accessed using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. CMS Firefox (3.0 or higher), IE (7.0 or higher) Moodle Chrome, Safari, Firefox