Submitting an E-Net Article

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Please note that articles are reviewed by the University Communications staff from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Articles submitted on weekends will be approved on Monday mornings.

You may also manage or edit previously approved articles by selecting 'My Articles' from the top menu after logging into E-Net. Be aware that editing an approved article will require approval again from University Communications staff.

General Overview

1.) Visit and click 'Post News'

An image of the post news button, circled.

2.) Log in with your Elon email user name and password

An image of the login screen.

3.) Enter the article's Headline (1); enter the article's Summary (2); and write the article in the Body section (3)

An image of the article form, with Headline labeled 1, summary labeled 2, and body labeled 3.

4.) Determine where the article should be filed by choosing the appropriate marker under 'Select a Section'

An image of the select a section screen.

  • In the above picture, "students>news updates" was selected for demonstration purposes.
  • The "Events" section is used for articles to be posted under the E-Net Calendar.
  • The "Wanted" section is used for articles to be posted as Want Ads.
  • Depending on the nature of your article, you may be complete after this step. If there is no other information to add, proceed to Step 5. Otherwise, click on an option below to open instructions for other various aspects of posting an article to E-Net.

Add the Article to a Department Website Newsfeed

1.) To add the article to a department website newsfeed, select the relevant departments from the pull-down list under 'Tag to a Department'

An image of the Tag to a Department screen.

  • Students can only select one department. If you need your article to be listed under multiple departments, contact University Communications after submitting the article.

Adding an Image to your Post

1.) If you wish to attach images to the article, click 'Add an Image'

An image of the images section with an arrow pointing to Add an image.

2.) Click 'Browse...' and select the file you wish to upload

An image of the upload image screen.

3.) The image will appear in the 'Body' section of your article, which may be dragged and dropped to a different position

An image of the body section of the article, with numbers corresponding to the text below the image.

  • There are several options you may utilize once the photo has uploaded:
  • You may crop the image by clicking the 'Crop' button (1)
  • You may add a caption by typing one in the 'Caption' field (2)
  • You may change the size of the image, which will be reflected in the message body (3)
  • To delete the image, click the red minus sign (4)
  • If you are a department administrator, you may select the image to be the 'Story Thumbnail,' which will display on E-Net and department news feeds

Adding a Video to your Article

1.) To add video to your article, click the black box with a sideways triangle in the 'Body' section (1) and paste your YouTube link in the box provided (2) and click OK (3)

An image of the video properties screen, with the body labeled 1, the youtube link labeled 2, and the ok button labeled 3.

  • Widescreen Videos: Size Ratio 16:9
  • Fullscreen Videos: Size Ratio: 4:3
  • You must have your video uploaded and hosted on YouTube. For assistance with uploading, please refer to YouTube's documentation. If you'd like to use Elon University's official YouTube account, please contact University Communications.

Creating a Calendar Event

1.) Ensure that events is selected as your E-Net page category with the appropriate subcategory selected

An image of the select a section screen.

  • The same 'New Article' page is used for adding an event to the Calendar.
  • Make sure to include the information for the event in the text of your article.

2.) Find the 'Calendar Items' box on the right side of the page and click 'Add a Calendar Item'

An image of the add a calendar item button.

3.) Enter the date and time for your event

An image of the time/date section.

  • For events that are multiple days or occur at multiple times, continue to select 'Add a Calendar Item' as many times as needed.
  • Selecting a calendar item will also automatically update the 'Date Article is Hidden' field. This is to make it easier to hide an article from E-Net pages after the last of its calenar items has already passed. This field is populated with the date of the calendar item farthest in the future.
  • When you click on the date box and select a date, a window will appear to the left showing all other events occuring that same date. This is intended to help users not double-post an event if they see someone else from their organization has already posted it.

Change Display Name and email

1.) Change the 'Display Name' and 'Display Email,' if desired

An image of the display name and email screen.

  • This information will be displayed at the bottom of the article.

Tagging Employees in your Article (Faculty and Staff only!)

1.) Type the name of a faculty or staff member in the 'People in this Article' box

An image of the People in this Article section.

2.) Select the appropriate employee when they appear

An example image of a person you can choose to tag.

3.) Repeat as needed

  • Only those in the faculty directory are available to be tagged in an article.

Tagging Related Articles (Faculty and Staff only!)

1.) Click 'Add a Related Article' under the 'Related Articles' module

An image of the related articles button.

2.) Begin typing the headline of an article that has already been published on E-Net and select it when it appears

An image of selecting a previously published article.

  • The headline will be replaced by an 'Article ID Number' – leave this number.

3.) Repeat as needed

Posting a Want Ad

When you are satisfied with the content of your posting, select 'Submit for Review' at the bottom of the page

  • Remember that articles are reviewed by University Communications staff from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Articles submitted on weekends will be approved on Monday mornings.


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