Wireless Access for Guests

Elon University maintains a robust wireless data network throughout the entire campus, including several outdoor areas between buildings. University guests have several options for accessing WiFi while on campus. In addition, wireless coverage may be requested for some special events in designted areas on Elon's campus. 

If you are experiencing problems with the guest wireless networks, choose "Get Help" and report the issue.

Types of Guest Wireless Networks


The public wireless network is available for parents and other campus visitors for convenient WiFi access. This network is a separate, non-secure, low-bandwidth solution and requires no registration, but all access is monitored and bandwidth is regulated or "throttled" to prevent abuse. While not available everywhere, you should find this network in most of our heavily trafficked areas. 


The elonu-guest network is a secure wireless network reserved for those visitors who are on official campus business. This wireless network provides the same access to resources as elonu-secure, but requires registration and sponsorship. Elonu-guest accounts can be created by sponsoring faculty or staff by going to the Elon University Wireless Guest Sponsorship website.


Visiting faculty, staff, and students from participating eduroam institutions may connect to the eduroam wireless network and use their institution’s credentials to connect to the internet while on Elon’s campus.

Available To

Elon University guests and visitors

Benefits & Key Features

  • Free access to a wireless network for campus guests
  • Secure access for guests when using elonu-guest or eduroam


There is no cost associated with this service.

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