Manage Your Question Bank Questions


Discusses practices for categorizing, naming, and tagging questions in Moodle.


The number of questions within a course question bank can add up, especially if questions are being reused from course to course. As a result, it can be frustrating to locate questions about a specific topic. This article discusses ways to manage your question bank:

  • Categorizing questions
  • Naming questions
  • Tagging questions

If questions are well-named, tagged, and categorized, people can locate questions within a question bank more easily. In addition, you can avoid clogging up the question bank with duplicate questions if good organizational strategies are used.

You can access your question bank by selecting "More" on the top course navigation and then selecting "Question bank." (Please see the associated articles for specifics on adding categories and creating quiz questions.)

Create Categories

Add Questions

Name Questions

Add Tags



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