Add Questions to the Question Bank

You can easily add questions within a question bank, even within a specific category of the question bank, to add to quizzes later.  Adding questions within the question bank rather than within a quiz helps organize your questions, and allows you to create randomized quizzes for students.


Quick Video Tutorials

View a very short walkthrough of adding questions in the question bank in a Moodle course. View more videos in the Moodle Quiz playlist here. 


1) Open the question bank in your Moodle course

Read more on how to access the question bank.


2) Within the 'Questions' tab, select a category to add the new question


3) Click 'Create a new question'


4) Select the question type you wish to add

There are multiple types of questions that you can add.  A description of various question types and how to add/edit them are as follows:


5) Fill in the question information and add the question by clicking 'Save changes' at the bottom of the screen


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