Match Questions in Moodle

Please note, only the areas with a red exclamation mark are required. All other areas are optional.   View more videos in the Moodle Quiz LinkedIn collection here. 

1.) In the 'choose a question type to add' window, select 'Matching' (1) and click 'Add' (2)

An image of the question type to add screen, with matching circled and labeled 1, and add circled and labeled 2.

2.) Enter the General information for the matching question

An image of the general information screen, with numbers corresponding to the text below the image.

  1. Category: Select the category you would like the matching question to go into.
  2. Question name: Give the matching question a descriptive name. You'll use the name to track your questions later so "Question 1" is not a good idea. The name will be used in the question lists on the quiz editing page or in the lesson as a page title. It will not be shown to the students, so you can choose any name that makes sense to you and possibly other teachers.
  3. Questions text: Enter some instructions in the "Question text" field to tell the students what they are matching.
  4. Default points: Set the default question mark (grade).
  5. General feedback: If you wish, add general feedback. This is text that appears to the student after he/she has answered the question.

3.) Enter the Question information

An image of the question information screen, with available choices circled. Numbers correspond to the text below the image.

  • Please note that Moodle states that you must provide at least two questions and three answers for a matching question.
  1. Enter the question text.
  2. Enter the correct answer for that question.

4.) If more than three questions are needed, you can add more

An image of the button to add more questions.

  • To add more question choices, click the button 'Blanks for 3 more questions.'

5.) Enter Combined feedback (optional)

An image of the combined feedback screen, with numbers corresponding to the text below the image.

  1. For any correct response: Enter feedback that students will see for any correct response.
  2. For any partially correct response: Enter feedback that students will see for any partially correct response.
  3. Options: If this box is checked, students will see the number of correct responses they have once the question has finished.
  4. For any incorrect response: Enter feedback that students will see for any incorrect response.

6.) Enter the Settings for multiple tries

An image of the multiple tries section, with numbers corresponding to the text below the image.

  1. Penalty for each incorrect try: When you run your questions using the 'Interactive with multiple tries' or 'Adaptive mode' behavior, so that the the student will have several tries to get the question right, then this option controls how much they are penalized for each incorrect try.
    1. The penalty is a proportion of the total question grade, so if the question is worth three marks, and the penalty is 0.3333333, then the student will score 3 if they get the question right first time, 2 if they get it right second try, and 1 of they get it right on the third try.
  2. Hint 1: Enter the text you want students to see when they ask for a hint.
  3. Hint 1 options: Select the options for the hint.

7.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Save changes' button

An image of the save changes button, which has been circled.

  • You have now successfully added a matching question to your Quiz in Moodle!


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