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Walks you through how to print your quiz or exam from Moodle.
Use a Course Template at Elon University.
Outlines the steps to take in order to add a Webex meeting into a Moodle course.
Set up the Open LMS app to access Elon University's Moodle Site from a mobile device.
Instructions for duplicating quiz questions in a question bank so that other quizzes aren't affected by changes to the questions.
Considerations for sharing course content through Moodle.
Review the settings necessary to create a Quiz in Moodle.
Access and run the needs grading report, which displays work students have submitted that needs to be graded.
Explains the learner success and progress report within Moodle, which reports on a student's cumulative course progress.
Record a Webex meeting and upload it to Moodle.
Provides an overview for faculty who wish to view Moodle as if they were a student.
Outlines how to remove the news forum in Moodle.
Outlines how to remove a user from a Moodle course.
Helpful information about getting started with Moodle.