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Take attendance in Moodle.
Discusses various services and how to access them from off-campus.
Remove a grade item (column) from Moodle.
Walks you through how to print your quiz or exam from Moodle.
Considerations for sharing course content through Moodle.
Customize your Moodle dashboard.
Configure your gradebook.
Extend a submission deadline in an assignment for a group.
Documentation involving MediaSpace, which is used for Elon Law School faculty, staff, and students.
Outlines how to paste data from Excel into your Moodle gradebook.
Import grades from a CSV file into Moodle.
Curve grades in Moodle.
Outlines creating a grade history report in Moodle.
Outlines how to add a graded item (column) in Moodle.
Outlines how to add a grade category in Moodle.