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This article details how to self enroll in a Moodle course.
Kaltura with support links to other pieces of documentation.
Backup a course in Moodle.
Add webcam recordings to Moodle.
Record and add lecture videos to Moodle using Kaltura Personal Capture.
Outlines how to create a video quiz in Kaltura.
Walks users through the process of downloading their personal Kaltura media.
Use the analytics section of video quizzes through Kaltura.
Outlines how students can upload videos to Kaltura.
Using Safe Exam Browser that is built into Moodle allows instructors to lock-down the testing environment.
Instructions for duplicating quiz questions in a question bank so that other quizzes aren't affected by changes to the questions.
Add a H5P activity into Moodle course.
Review the settings necessary to create a Quiz in Moodle.
Take attendance in Moodle.
Explains how to add an essay question into a Moodle Quiz.