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Remove a grade item (column) from Moodle.
Walks students through the process of uploading a video from an iPhone to a Moodle Assignment or Discussion Forum using Kaltura.
Overview for faculty to use clickers in classes.
Walk you through the steps of adding the Twitter widget into your Moodle course.
Outlines how students can upload videos to Kaltura.
Using Safe Exam Browser that is built into Moodle allows instructors to lock-down the testing environment.
Outlines the roles and what they can and cannot do within Moodle. We have a handful of roles that can be assigned to users.
Edit closed captions within Kaltura at Elon University.
Outlines how to grade assignments using the streamlined grader in Moodle.
Curve grades in Moodle.
Outlines creating a grade history report in Moodle.
Learn more about the different types of course formats you can choose from in Moodle.
Duplicate an item on a Moodle course page.
Outlines how to add a graded item (column) in Moodle.
Easy way to grade essay questions in Moodle.