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Information about using Respondus LockDown Browser for faculty.
Walks users through the process of downloading their personal Kaltura media.
Outlines the steps to take in order to add a Webex meeting into a Moodle course.
Edit closed captions within Kaltura at Elon University.
Provides an overview for faculty who wish to view Moodle as if they were a student.
Outlines how to link courses together in Moodle.
Backup a course in Moodle.
Helpful information about getting started with Moodle.
Add a H5P activity into Moodle course.
Duplicate an item on a Moodle course page.
Outlines how to remove the news forum in Moodle.
Take attendance in Moodle.
Create assignments in Moodle.
Enable feedback in Moodle.