Edit Closed Captions with Kaltura

When using Kaltura in either MediaSpace or Moodle, videos are automatically scanned and transcribed by computer to provide closed captioning options. However, the system is not fool-proof and some editing may be required.

Additionally, it does take some time for Kaltura to process the captioning, so do not expect it to be available immediately. When captions are available, you should see a "caption complete" tag, as well as other tags from common words used during the video.

Follow these steps to edit the closed captioning of uploaded videos.

1.) Log into either Moodle (main campus faculty) or MediaSpace (Law School) and navigate to 'My Media'

  • Moodle: On the right-hand side under 'Navigation' click Dashboard -> My Media
  • MediaSpace: In the upper right-hand corner, click your name -> My Media

2.) Click on the Named Video Link (not edit!)

An image with video names labeled "Examples" and arrows pointing to them.

3.) Click the Actions drop-down menu and select 'Caption Requests'

An image with Caption Requests circled.

  • In Moodle, you may have to scroll down the page to locate the button. Options may differ based on if you are in MediaSpace or Moodle.

4.) Click the 'Edit' button

An image with the Edit button circled.

  • If no listed Caption requests with an Edit button are visible, click 'Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media' to refresh the list.

5.) A new window will open in the Closed Caption edit mode. The video will begin to play automatically, with many options available:

An image of the closed caption screen, with 1 as the dialogue; 2 as the play options; 3 as the box to change captions; 4 to save changes; 5 to approve changes; and 6 to change if you want to play until the end or not.

  1. Click any of these blocks to jump directly to that section of dialogue in the video.
  2. Rewind, fastforward, or pause the video as it plays during edit mode.
  3. Click in this window to change the closed captioning text.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Approve the automatically generated closed captions.
  6. Change whether you want the video to only play until the end of a sentence or through the entire video.

6.) When you are done making changes, make sure you have clicked the SAVE button. Return to MediaSpace or Moodle and the corrections should now appear.


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