Knowledge Base

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Self-Service Portal Guides

Guides for finding services and articles as well as submitting and viewing your tickets.


Instructions on sanitizing technology, relocating workspaces, and working and learning remotely.

Accounts & Access

Documentation related to accounts and access to technology tools, applications, and resources.

Administrative, Business, & Student Systems

Enterprise and local documentation that supports the administrative and business functions, including analytics, business intelligence, reporting, student information systems, and conference and event management.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration documentation, including email, calendaring, telephony/VoIP, video/web conferencing, websites, television, and digital signage.

Hardware, Software, & Printing

Hardware, software, and printing documentation.

Information Security & Data Protection

Information and data security protection documentation, including virus protection, encryption, data security, identity management solutions, and password management.

Instructional Technologies & Spaces

Instructional technology documentation, tools, and resources directly supporting teaching and learning.

Network Connectivity & Infrastructure

Network connectivity and infrastructure documentation, including wireless configurations and use of the elonu-secure and elonu-connect networks.

Onboarding Employees

Learn more about requesting technology and support when onboarding employees.

Projects & Contracts

Information Technology provides guidance for and partners with departments on campus on project work, as well as contract review and negotiations that involve the procurement, deployment, or coordination of new and existing technology.. Learn more about technology projects, project requests, and contract reviews.