Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment Guide (via Duo Security)

Elon University uses a multi-factor authentication method (MFA), Duo Security, for logging into some web applications. In addition to your Elon email username and password, MFA uses your mobile phone, tablet or office landline phone to verify your identity. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if another person knows your password. This added layer of security also reduces the number of compromised accounts that impact the university community.

Though you may not realize it, many of us already use MFA when logging in to online accounts for banking, credit cards and other services. For example, if you enter a password when logging in, then receive a code via text to enter before you are taken to your account, that is an example of MFA. Learn more about MFA (also referred to as two-factor authentication or 2FA) in the video below.

To self-enroll in Duo Security, follow the step-by-step instructions below using a laptop or desktop computer to register your device. Once registered, you will need to opt-in to use Duo Security for all single sign on (SSO) accounts, which are those that require your Elon email username and password for login, e.g. Office 365, Moodle, etc.

Get Started

For the self-service enrollment process, you will need your 7-digit University ID, which you can find in OnTrack by selecting “User Profile,” which is found along the left-side column under the User Account section. Registering your mobile phone will allow you to receive Duo push notifications to your device for convenient access to SSO accounts. To do so, you will also need your mobile app store login details. Though use of a mobile phone is recommended, it is not required. 

72-Hour Remember Me

We recommend that you select the 72-Hour Remember Me option, which allows you to continuously use single sign on (SSO) applications in the same browser throughout a 72-hour period with only one authentication required. For example, if you authenticate using Duo Security while signing in to your email account and with the 72-hour Remember Me feature selected, you will not need to authenticate again within a 72-hour period if you use the same browser to access Moodle, LinkedIn Learning and other SSO applications. The 72-Hour Remember Me feature can be selected on the authentication screen. See the article below to learn more.

Duo Security for Single Sign On (SSO) Applications

Duo Security & Colleague VPN Using Cisco AnyConnect

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