Using the DUO Mobile App to Connect to Colleague

These instructions cover how to connect to the AnyConnect VPN Client and use the DUO Mobile App to complete multi-factor authentication to connect to Colleague. The process outlined below uses a device running iOS. For information on other devices, select the appropriate link below:

1.) After launching the AnyConnect VPN Client, enter your Elon email username and password, and type 'push' for the "Second Password."

If using the DUO app, this image says to type 'push' in the second password field

2.) You will receive a login request on your mobile phone or tablet. Open the DUO Mobile App to view the request and tap 'Approve.'

Screenshot from Elon's DUO Mobile App

  • If you get a login request you weren't expecting, press Deny to reject the request. You'll be given the ability to report it as fraudulent, or you can tap 'It was a mistake' to deny the request without reporting it.

If you have notifications turned on for your mobile device, you may be able to respond directly from the notification. This WILL NOT WORK if notifications are turned off on your mobile device. You will have to open the DUO Mobile App to approve.

This is another example image of a mobile app push.

3.) After authenticating, you will be logged into the web application.


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