Set Up VPN

Installing the VPN Client

  1. Visit the Elon University VPN Client Download site.  There are two options in the drop-down menu
    • AnyConnect - this is the standard and should be selected. You will be asked to log in with your Elon username and password.
    • ElonDuo - if you are registered for Duo and would like to help us test, you can log in with your Elon username and password. The secondary password is "push" without the quotes. Your Duo-registered device will receive a push notification and, once accepted, you will be authenticated normally.
  2. Click the login button, and a warning will appear that you must accept. Then the download page for your version of the client will load.  The page will be different depending upon what kind of device your are logging in on, for example a Mac vs. a PC. You may click the + icon to the right for specific instructions for installing to your device.
  3. Once installed, you may load the client and enter the connection profile of your choice (see below).

Connecting to VPN

There are three (3) types of VPN connections. These are to be used the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, as installed above.


This is the main VPN connection that most users will need to access resources on Elon's Campus. Please note that WebVPN is off campus only; it will NOT work if you are on campus. The connection will be successful, but you will not be able to reach any network resources on or off campus. 

To use WebVPN, open AnyConnect and enter in the connection dropdown window. Once you click connect, a pop-up window should appear where you can select the correct group (AnyConnect is the default for this; ElonDuo is currently optional and requires registration). Enter your credentials as required, and click OK. Accept any warnings that pop up. You are now connected to WebVPN.

Please note that library resources must be accessed via EZProxy.

Colleague VPN (On Campus)

Colleague or ERP refers to Elon's database containing sensitive data that may only be accessed with permission. This requires Duo as well as a separate VPN connection either on or off campus. To access ERP resources while on campus, enter into the connection window and click connect. Once connected, you will be able to access Colleague applications.

Student Workers

Student workers can access Colleague resources at specific machines on campus. They will use connection with a specific username and password. The connection must be made from a specific machine, or it will fail. This policy may be adjusted as the needs of various departments change. See Related Articles to learn more about VPN for student workers.

Colleague VPN (Off Campus)

This connection functions identically to Colleague VPN (On Campus), but is meant for off-campus use and Duo is required. If you need access to the main Off-Campus VPN as well as Colleague, you will use this connection. Enter in the connection window, click connect, and you will be connected to Colleague resources.

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