Colleague VPN Access for Student Workers

Student workers accessing Colleague (ERP) will need to log in with Cisco AnyConnect. Student worker access to the Colleague is limited to registered machines on the Elon network. To access the Colleague VPN, student worker machines must be plugged into the wired network.

Getting Started

  1. Submit a ticket to request your student machine be registered to access the Student Worker Colleague VPN.
  2. After the student has been granted access, install AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on the student worker machine.
  3. Launch AnyConnect and complete authentication to access the Collegue VPN.

Install AnyConnect

Follow step-by-step instructions to install AnyConnect for PC or Mac.

Using AnyConnect

These instructions cover how to log into the Colleague VPN using AnyConnect on a Windows device. In order to proceed, you must first install the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on your PC (outlined in Section I above).

1.) Launch AnyConnect.

2.) Enter in the connection window, then select 'Connect.'

3.) Choose Gold_Student-Worker from the Group drop-down menu.

4.) Enter the credentials you use to log into Colleague, then select 'OK.'

5.) Accept the Terms and Conditions to access the Collegue VPN.

6.) You are now connected to the Collegue VPN using AnyConnect.


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