Add a Landline (Office) Phone to Duo Security

* If you have not already done so, please first Enroll in Duo Security

1.) Select ‘Landline.’ Then, select ‘Continue.’ Once registration is complete, you may return to the Multi-Factor Authentication website to add an additional device.

The device type selection screen with the LandLine option selected

2.) Enter the phone number of the device you are registering. Underneath the phone number entered, review your entry and select the empty box to confirm. A checkmark will appear. Then select ‘Continue.’

A screen with fields to enter a phone number and an option extension

3.) Next, select ‘Continue to Login.’

The My settings and devices screen with the Continue to login button

4.) A confirmation of your enrollment will appear. Select ‘Call Me’ to initiate DUO authentication.

The choose an authentication method screen

5.) Once complete, you are presented with a confirmation of your enrollment and notified that DUO MFA will be required the next time you access web applications such as Moodle, Office 365 and other services that require your Elon email username and password. You may also return to enrollment settings from this screen.

The you ave successfully enrolled in Duo screen


Once registration is complete, you may add a mobile phone or add a tablet.

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