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DUO key fobs (a type of hardware token) are small devices that generate passcodes for DUO Security multi-factor authentication. These devices are helpful if you do not have a mobile device or are traveling abroad without an international cell phone plan. Each key fob is assigned to one person. When prompted to authenticate to DUO, press a button to retrieve a unique 6-digit number and type it into the DUO authentication screen to confirm the login.

To request a key fob, select "Submit a Request" and complete the form.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Benefits & Key Features

  • Small device the size of a car fob that you can take with you anywhere
  • One push of a button generates a passcode that can be used to authenticate with DUO Security
  • Offers an alternative multi-factor authentication for faculty and staff without a mobile device or who are traveling internationally


Information Technology will provide a key fob for those with legitimate needs. If a key fob is no longer working because of a hardware malfunction or battery depletion, the key fob will be replaced by Information Technology at no cost to the owner. Key fob owners are responsible for keeping their fob safe. If a fob is lost or damaged, the key fob owner will need to provide a departmental budget code to purchase a replacement fob.

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