DUO Security and Key Fobs (Hardware Tokens)

DUO key fobs (a type of hardware token) are small devices that generate passcodes for DUO access. These devices are helpful for those who do not have a mobile device or are traveling abroad without an international cell phone plan. Each key fob is assigned to one user. When prompted to authenticate to DUO, key fob users press a button to retrieve a unique 6-digit number that can be typed into the DUO authentication screen to confirm their login.

Information Technology has a limited number of key fobs available for faculty and staff who have a legitimate need. Please note that not wanting to use your personal device is not a legitimate need. To request a key fob, fill out the Key Fob Request form

Enrolling in DUO Security Using a Key Fob

If you aren't already enrolled in DUO Security, you can use your key fob to enroll. Once you've been approved for a key fob, the Technology Service Desk will send your fob through campus mail (or other arrangements depending on your circumstances).

What You'll Need

  • Your key fob
  • Your 7-digit University ID (also known as your Colleague ID; if you don't know your ID number, go to OnTrack and select "User Profile" under the User Account section)

Steps to Enroll

  1. Go to www.elon.edu/duo
  2. Login using your Elon username and password (the same username and password you use for Elon email)
  3. Enter your 7-digit University ID and press "Verify"
    DUO verify you University ID screen
  4. Choose "Enroll With a Key Fob"
    DUO's Ready to Enroll screen for Key Fob
  5. Next, you'll be prompted to enter your key fob serial number. This number is located on the back of your key fob (the number above the bar code).
    Enter the number and select "Add Key Fob."
    Picture of the back of a key fob
  6. That's it! You should see the screen below verifying your enrollment.
    DUO enrollment confirmation screen


How it Works

Once you're enrolled in DUO Security, you'll begin to see an extra step appear when you are logging into secure Elon websites like Moodle, email, or other sites that utilize our single sign-on platform.

When you go to one of these sites, you'll log in as usual using your Elon username and password. Before you are taken to the site, you'll see a DUO screen (see below) asking you to verify your identity. If you are using a key fob, choose the "Enter a Passcode" option. To get your password, simply press the white button on your key fob and type in the number you see on the DUO passcode screen. 

DUO Enter Password screen

Your Responsibilities as a Key Fob Owner

You are responsible for keeping your key fob safe. If you lose or damage your key fob, you'll be responsible for purchasing another key fob. Most fobs have a battery life of a few years. If the key fob needs to be replaced because of a dead battery, use the Key Fob Request form to request a replacement. Another fob will be assigned to you without additional cost. 

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