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Get support with the 25Live scheduling and event-publishing system.

Turn your ideas into physical objects with 3D printers.

Academic Announcements is an app that feeds data into the Hometown News Releases website. The Hometown News Releases site offers a way for students and parents to publicize their Commencement, President’s List, and Dean’s List achievements.

AcceptD is the digital platform that Elon University's Department of Performing Arts uses as an initial screening process (pre-screen) for the in-person audition/interview.

Request the addition or change of a budget number used for print and copy service.

Access Adobe Creative Cloud for free as Elon facutly, staff, and students.

Request the installation of AppsAnywhere, a leading software deployment solution, in a PC computer lab on Elon's campus.

Report an issue with AppsAnywhere, a leading software deployment solution used in specific PC computer labs on Elon's campus.

AppTrack is Elon’s online position management and applicant tracking system for staff employees.

Most classrooms and meeting spaces have integrated audio capabilities, enabling the class or attendees to hear audio being played through the classroom computer, connected laptop, or DVD player.

Access a variety of tools in the Maker Hub to create your physical project, whether you need a vinyl cutter or just a basic tool kit.

Elon’s blog service, located at, utilizes the WordPress platform to give Elon faculty, staff, and students an easy tool for online writing.

Report an issue with a Blue Light Emergency Phone.

The Budget Request Form is a restricted form used by budget managers, directors, senior staff, and deans to request additional money for the next budget year.

Report an issue with calendaring within your Elon University email account.