Online Directory Change for Human Resources

This service is used by Human Resources staff when an update to information listed in Elon's online Faculty & Staff Directory is required. 

The Faculty & Staff Directory is a publicly-accessible directory of all university faculty and staff. This directory is searchable by name, department and area of expertise. Each directory page serves as a public profile for faculty and staff and includes their name, picture (if available), title, department and contact information. Faculty and staff can log in to the directory to add or edit other information including a bio, education, research, publications, courses taught, expertise and more.

If you are a staff member in Human Resources and have an online directory change to request, select "Submit a Request" and complete the form.

Available To

Human Resources Staff Only

Benefits & Key Features

  • Publicly accessible directory of faculty and staff
  • Search for colleagues by department, name or area of expertise
  • Craft your Elon professional profile by adding your bio, education, publications and more
  • Login to access a full-resolution version of your profile picture


There is no cost to use this service.

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Fri 9/20/19 2:37 PM
Tue 11/17/20 8:25 AM