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IT services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs. Includes email, calendaring, telephony/VoIP, video/web conferencing, websites, television, digital signage, and more.

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Conferencing Tools

Conferencing tools include online collaboration services for instant messaging, voice and video calls, webinars, and live event streaming.

Digital Media

Digital media is a blend of technology and content that can be created, viewed, and distributed via a host of digital devices and mediums.

Digital Signage

Digital signage gives the University community an opportunity to visually communicate events, announcements, and other information to the faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Email, Calendaring, & Instant Messaging

Elon University email accounts are automatically created for new students, faculty, and staff. Calendars are created along with those accounts. Alumni who graduated in 2010 and beyond retain their Elon email address for life.

Emergency Communications

In the event of a campus emergency or severe weather announcement, Elon University utilizes several campus notification systems to relay important information to faculty, staff, and students.

File Sharing

File sharing is a convenient way to share documents and other digital files with peers for collaboration. Elon University offers faculty and staff several secure and easily accessible options for file sharing.

G Suite

Google Suite (G Suite) for Education at Elon includes Gmail email and a variety of applications for communication and collaboration. Features include Drive to store, create and share documents, Calendar, Hangouts for instant messaging, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, online meetings, file sharing, and application integration. It also shares some of the features that are available through SharePoint and is the recommended platform for faculty search committees to use during the hiring process.

Mobile Phones & Devices

The university has agreements with multiple providers for mobile phones and devices on campus. Any new phone or device request must be approved by your supervisor and area vice president. Elon will provide each department with options for shared minutes, new equipment, and plan upgrades.

Reserve a Space

Elon space reservations are processed through the 25Live scheduling and event-publishing system. Faculty and staff can check space availability, view room features and layouts, and reserve rooms through this centralized system. Students should utilize PhoenixConnect to schedule events and reserve spaces.

Access 25Live:
Access PhoenixConnect:

Telephony & Faxing

Learn more about desk phone and faxing services.


Elon University offers a number of television related services, including Streeme TV, HBOGo, device price quotes, and assistance with university-owned devices.

University Directory & Switchboard

The University Directory is comprised of three directories. The Faculty & Staff Directory is a publicly accessible directory that enables searching by name, department, and area of expertise. The Student Directory and Faculty/Staff Retiree Directory are password protected and provide a basic search of students and retiree contact information.

Websites & Blogs

Elon has several platforms for publishing web content. Most public-facing Elon University websites, including sites for departments, centers, and programs, utilize the WordPress platform. These sites all maintain a professional look and feel consistent with the Elon University brand. Other options for web publishing include blogs (also offered via WordPress) and personal websites offered to faculty and staff.