Popular Services

Report an issue to the Technology Service Desk when you are unsure what isn't working correctly or are unable to find it under another category.

Submit a general request to the Technology Service Desk when you are unsure what to ask for or are unable to find it under another category.

Report an issue with your Elon University email account.

Request a non-academic course (academic courses are automatically created), course template, or feature enhancements.

Submit a request to create, delete, or change administrators of an email list.

Request a price quote or submit a purchase request for technology hardware.

Submit a request to purchase a university-issued and managed mobile phone.

Access Adobe Creative Cloud for free as Elon facutly, staff, and students.

Request an Elon Account for student employees and vendors or make changes to your own.

Elon provides two WiFi for Elon guests: elonu-secure, and eduroam. elonu-secure wireless network is for those visitors who are on official campus business (requires sponsorship). Eduroam may be utilized by visiting faculty, staff and students from participating eduroam institutions. In addition, Elon University faculty and staff may sponsor a guest who needs access to classroom or lab computers. This service is typically used for visiting scholars, guest lecturers, or invited groups who need to utilize computer labs.

Report an issue with a desk phone.

LinkedIn Learning is an extensive on-demand training platform available to Elon users.

Request an update to a university desk phone extension.

For requests regarding the Computer Replacement Program for university-issued computers for faculty and staff.

Re-imaging is the act of clearing off all of the user data on a machine and reapplying the base image (the operating system and core software).

Report an issue with printing, copying, or scanning.

Submit a request to create a new shared mailbox, change an existing mailbox name, add/remove access, or transfer ownership of a shared mailbox.

Report an issue with university-supported software.

If you already have access to Colleague, you can request to add, remove, or change your account permissions as needed.

Alert Information Technology if the FIXit system does not seem to be working properly. To report facility-related problems, contact Facilities Management directly.

Report an issue with a Microsoft Office product.

Kaltura is an easy way to share videos at Elon.

Request new voice mailbox setup.

Request a PIN reset for accessing voicemail or other phone mailbox settings on an Elon desk phone.

Request the addition or change of a budget number used for print and copy service.