Popular Services

Report an issue with a Microsoft Office product.

Technology consulting is available to help evaluate your academic and administrative needs and pair those needs with possible technology solutions.

A web-conferencing service that allows faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with anyone through video or audio meetings.

Request assistance with print driver installation.

Report an issue with university-issued computers or accessories.

Request a non-academic course (academic courses are automatically created), course template, or feature enhancements.

Consumer-grade wireless devices (e.g., printers, Roku, gaming consoles) can connect to Elon's WiFi through the elonu-connect wireless network. Before connecting, you'll need to register your device through the MyDevices portal.

Collaborate with facutly, staff, and students through video or audio meetings.

Kaltura is an easy way to share videos at Elon.

Request a price quote or submit a purchase request for technology hardware.

Elon’s blog service, located at blogs.elon.edu, utilizes the WordPress platform to give Elon faculty, staff, and students an easy tool for online writing.

LinkedIn Learning is an extensive on-demand training platform available to Elon users.

Request training for university-supported software.

If you are experiencing issues with OnTrack, first browse the OnTrack articles found in the Knowledge Base. Also, remember that your OnTrack password may be different than your Elon account password (the account used for accessing email, Moodle, etc.).

Report an issue with printing, copying, or scanning.

If you are experiencing issues with Entrinsik Informer, report the issue and IT's Enterprise Solutions team will troubleshoot.

Request the installation of AppsAnywhere, a leading software deployment solution, in a PC computer lab on Elon's campus.

Access Adobe Creative Cloud for free as Elon facutly, staff, and students.

A shared mailbox is a central email address that can be accessed and monitored by multiple people.

Report issues with Moodle.

Entrinsik Informer is a web-based reporting tool that allows a user to gather information more intuitively from Colleague, making data retrieval and report writing easier. Using Entrinsik, department chairs and program administrators may create or adapt reports to include data retrieved from Colleague related to their program, which can be output to Excel, PDF, XML, or printer-friendly formats.

Request a key fob for use with DUO Security multi-factor authentication.

Report an issue with your Elon University email account.

Alert Information Technology if the FIXit system does not seem to be working properly. To report facility-related problems, contact Physical Plant directly.

Request software installations, upgrades, or configuration changes for a traditional or virtual computer lab on Elon's campus.