Elon University email accounts are automatically created for new students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff email is powered by Microsoft 365. Student and alumni email is powered by Gmail.


Services (7)

Email List Request

Submit a request to create, delete, or change administrators of an email list.

Email: Report an Issue

Report an issue with your Elon University email account.

Mailing List: Report an Issue

Report an issue with an Elon University mailing list.


Report phishing threats.

Reset Email Password

Reset your email password using Elon University's Password Self-Service Site.

Shared Mailbox Request

Submit a request to create a new shared mailbox, change an existing mailbox name, add/remove access, or transfer ownership of a shared mailbox.

Shared Mailbox: Report an Issue

Shared mailboxes provide a way to field messages to a central email address that several users can access and monitor. Before reporting an issue with a shared mailbox, browse through the related Knowledge Base articles to see if your question has been covered. If you are still having problems, report the issue.