My Recently Visited Services

Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets anywhere on the campus network.

Request assistance with print driver installation.

Consumer-grade wireless devices (e.g., printers, Roku, gaming consoles) can connect to Elon's WiFi through the elonu-connect wireless network. Before connecting, you'll need to register your device through the MyDevices portal.

Report an issue with a Microsoft Office product.

Request the installation of AppsAnywhere, a leading software deployment solution, in a PC computer lab on Elon's campus.

Report an issue with university-owned TVs found in common areas and various meeting/classroom spaces.

Request a new Raiser's Edge NXT custom process, or request an update to an existing process.

Request to suspend or deactivate cellular service to a university-issued and managed device.

A web-conferencing service that allows faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with anyone through video or audio meetings.

Collaborate with facutly, staff, and students through video or audio meetings.

Elon's Faculty Employment website lists all open faculty positions.

Laser engravers use a high-powered laser to cut or engrave a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and paper.

Elon provides three types of WiFi for Elon guests: public, elonu-guest, and eduroam. The public wireless network is available for parents and other campus visitors for convenient WiFi access without requiring registration, while the elonu-guest wireless network is a secure wireless network reserved for those visitors who are on official campus business (requires sponsorship). Eduroam may be utilized by visiting faculty, staff and students from participating eduroam institutions. In addition, Elon University faculty and staff may sponsor a guest who needs access to classroom or lab computers. This service is typically used for visiting scholars, guest lecturers, or invited groups who need to utilize computer labs.

Elon’s blog service, located at, utilizes the WordPress platform to give Elon faculty, staff, and students an easy tool for online writing.

Report an issue with a SharePoint Team Site or a SharePoint-powered form.

Qualtrics allows faculty, staff, and students to create and send surveys or projects; participation invitations and reminders; display results in real time, graphically and statistically; and export raw data in a variety of forms (to CSV, XML, HTML, and SPSS).

Request a non-academic course (academic courses are automatically created), course template, or feature enhancements.

United Way organizers can submit a request to change aspects of the United Way form.

Report an issue accessing eDocs.

Kaltura is an easy way to share videos at Elon.

Request the addition or change of a budget number used for print and copy service.

Although many student organization are now utilizing PhoenixCONNECT for their web presence, some still utilize the server. If you are experiencing issues with your student organization site on the server, report the issue.

Report an issue with your Elon University wireless network connection.

Request or make changes to SharePoint Team Site permissions.

Report an issue with a security camera on the Elon University campus.