My Recently Visited Services

Request the creation of an eDocs account.

Report an issue with university-owned Roku attached to TVs found in common areas and various meeting/classroom spaces.

University employees are eligible for a discounted rate from both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless.

Report an issue with a point of sale card reader.

Update the name, associated department, or budget number for a university-issued mobile device.

Consumer-grade wireless devices (e.g., printers, Roku, gaming consoles) can connect to Elon's WiFi through the elonu-connect wireless network. Before connecting, you'll need to register your device through the MyDevices portal.

The Years of Service form is powered by SharePoint. For troubleshooting, go to SharePoint: Report an Issue page.

Report an issue accessing Google Hangouts.

If a classroom or meeting space has a projector issue, first look up the location in the Knowledge Base for some simple troubleshooting tips. If the issue doesn't resolve, report the issue.

Request to suspend or deactivate cellular service to a university-issued and managed device.

Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets anywhere on the campus network.

Report an issue accessing Microsoft Office.

Most classrooms and meeting spaces have the ability to project or play video, whether through a connected laptop, the classroom computer, or a DVD player.

When your role no longer requires you to carry a university-issued mobile device, you can request to have your Elon mobile number released to your personal account.

Request assistance with print driver installation.

Most classrooms and meeting spaces have integrated audio capabilities, enabling the class or attendees to hear audio being played through the classroom computer, connected laptop, or DVD player.

Request software installations, upgrades, or configuration changes for a traditional or virtual computer lab on Elon's campus.

Elon’s blog service, located at, utilizes the WordPress platform to give Elon faculty, staff, and students an easy tool for online writing.

Report an issue with a fire panel alarm.

Stay connected to others around the world or while traveling abroad for university business.

IT offers group or individual training on the technology found in Elon's classrooms and meeting spaces.

Request a point of sale card reader.

Report an issue with a SharePoint Team Site or a SharePoint-powered form.

A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard and multimedia presentation system that displays content from a data projector.