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Request the creation of a SharePoint Team Site.

Request an increase in storage capacity for your Syncplicity account.

Request or make changes to SharePoint Team Site permissions.

Report an issue with accessing Syncplicity.

Update the name, associated department, or budget number for a university-issued mobile device.

LastPass is a secure password management tool that helps Elon University faculty, staff and students manage passwords.

Report phishing threats.

Submit a request to purchase a university-issued and managed mobile phone.

Report an issue with virus scans on your Elon University owned device.

Submit a request to purchase a cellular iPad on the university managed account.

Report an issue with the Financial Integrity Line Form, a confidential channel for reporting fraud, financial misconduct, or violations.

Report an issue with an Elon-issued mobile device.

If you've forgotten your OnTrack password or simply need to change it, use OnTrack's "Reset My Password" feature.

A mobile hotspot is a feature on most smartphones that enables you to share the phone's data connection with other Wi-Fi devices (e.g., laptops, tablets). While some university-sponsored cellular plans include mobile hotspots, others do not.

Report an issue accessing eDocs.

Request to suspend or deactivate cellular service to a university-issued and managed device.

Request a key fob for use with DUO Security multi-factor authentication.

Request an account for a vendor.

Reset your email password using Elon University's Password Self-Service Site.

Report an issue with printing, copying, or scanning.

Request the addition or change of a budget number used for print and copy service.

Faculty, staff, and students have access to VPN.

Request new or revised eDocs permissions.

Report an issue with VPN.

Report an issue with accessing Duo Security.