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Each year, faculty and staff may request an upgrade or modification of software in Elon's traditional or virtual computer labs. Once updates are made, those who made a request will be asked to visit the computer lab to confirm that the software is working as requested. 

Installs in Traditional Labs: June 1 is the deadline for requests to change computer software for the upcoming fall semester. There is no need to request software that is currently installed in the computer labs. Only upgrades to existing software, software configuration changes, and new software installation requests need to be submitted. The requestor/department is responsible to fund any new software licenses. All files required for software upgrades/installations must be delivered no later than June 1. Newly requested software should be funded, purchased, and any associated media turned into the Service Desk no later than July 1. For requests made in the fall and any associated software purchases must be complete by December 1.

Installs in Virtual Labs: Virtual computer labs are on a more flexible software upgrade/installation schedule. Requests for software changes in virtual computer labs may be submitted on or before the first Monday of each month for installation by the last Friday of the same month. If the request requires major system changes, installation may take longer. View a list of virtual computer labs.

To request software installations, upgrades, or configuration changes for a computer lab on Elon's campus, please select "Submit a Request" and complete the form.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Benefits & Key Features

  • Professional software installation by IT staff


The requestor/department is responsible for costs related new software and/or licenses.

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