Ellucian Colleague is the University’s integrated administration system (also known as an Enterprise Resource Planning system or ERP), with applications that support Student Administration, Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll.

Services (7)

Colleague Access for Student Staff

If your student staff needs access to Colleague, submit a request and tell us more about the information the student needs to access.

Colleague Account Creation

In order to access Colleague, Elon's business ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, accounts must be specially created.

Colleague and Entrinsik Informer: Off-Campus Access Request

If your work requires access to Colleague and Entrinsik Informer, you may request off-campus access as the need arises.

Colleague: Change Permissions

If you already have access to Colleague, you can request to add, remove, or change your account permissions as needed.

Colleague: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing technical issues with Colleague, Elon's primary system of record for administrative information systems, we encourage you to start with related Colleague Knowledge Base articles. If you still need assistance, IT's Enterprise Solutions team will help you troubleshoot.

Customized Colleague Request

Customized Colleague Requests include requests for a customized process, or a change to an existing process.

Unlock Colleague Session

In Colleague, a record can only be viewed by one person at a time. If you are trying to view a record and you get an error indicating that it's locked, first try contacting the person specified who has the record open. If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, submit a request.