Onboarding Technology Request

There are many different kinds of accounts, applications, and productivity tools available when someone begins employment at Elon. As a hiring manager or supervisor, you may submit a request to IT for the technology services your new employee will need. Many services and tools are available by default, some are available by request, and some services can be requested based on the new employee's department or role. We encourage you to plan in advance of the new employee's first day as some requests take time to process and may not be available as same-day requests. Please note, orders for computers and other equipment are subject to availability and shipping. If technology equipment is not already available for the new hire, please submit a request to purchase technology hardware ahead of the onboarding process to ensure hardware is available for them to use when they arrive. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

To request technology services for your new employee, select "Submit a Request" and tell us which tools are needed. Please provide a date and time you will be available for a member of the Technology Service Desk to follow up with you to ensure each request for your new employee is being processed.

Available To

Hiring managers or supervisors of new faculty or staff

Benefits & Key Features

  • More streamlined process for onboarding new employees


There may be costs associated if purchasing new equipment or software licensing.

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