eDocs, powered by Softdocs' Etrieve, is a document management system that allows departments to safely and securely store documents electronically, replacing the need for traditional filing cabinets. Using the eDocs digital document imaging software, departments can quickly scan and electronically file traditional paper-based files in an easy-to-use system that keep that data organized, secure, and easily accessible by those who need it. The university began using eDocs in 2018, replacing the use of Fortis.

Elon offers several file storage solutions, each with different recommended uses:
- eDocs is primarily used for sensitive data or files needs for accreditation or auditing.
- OneDrive is recommended for individual work files or files shared with a small group of people from multiple departments or outside Elon University.
- SharePoint Team Sites are recommended for department, committee, or other chartered/ongoing groups for file sharing and collaboration.

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