Employees are provided with a Cisco IP desktop phone. Here you can find information on dialing from on-campus and off-campus, voicemail troubleshooting, and moving an office phone to a new office location.

Services (9)

Desk Phone Purchase

Request the purchase of a desk phone.

Desk Phone: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a desk phone.

International & Long Distance Calling for Desk Phones

Request long distance and international calling for a desk phone.

New Voice Mailbox Request

Request new voice mailbox setup.

Reset Voicemail Pin

Request a PIN reset for accessing voicemail or other phone mailbox settings on an Elon desk phone.

Update Extension Request

Request an update to a university desk phone extension.

Voicemail: Report an Issue

Report an issue with voicemail accessed through a university desk phone.

Webex Calling Request

Submit a request for Webex Calling.

Webex Calling: Report an Issue

Report an issue with Webex Calling