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Users through exporting student grade data from Moodle.
Set up the Moodle Mobile app to access Elon University's Moodle Site from a mobile device.
Use a Course Template at Elon University.
Outlines how to link courses together in Moodle.
Add a user to a Moodle course.
Outlines how to extend test time or availability of a quiz for a student in Moodle.
Helpful information about getting started with Moodle.
Use the recycle bin to restore deleted course content.
Outlines how to turn editing on in Moodle.
Import or copy content from previous Moodle courses.
Email your students through Moodle.
Learn more about the different types of course formats you can choose from in Moodle.
Take attendance in Moodle.
Customize your Moodle dashboard to only display current courses.