Export Student Grade Data from Moodle

Student grades can be exported out of Moodle to an Excel spreadsheet. A grade export is not intended for student use, but for personal record keeping for instructors.

The simple steps below will walk you through how to export your student grade data from Moodle for the purpose of keeping the records for reference at a later date.

1.) Within the left menu, click 'Grades'

An image of options, with Grades circled.

2.) Click on 'Export' (1) and then select 'Excel spreadsheet' (2)

An image of the export screen with Export circled and labeled 1; and excel spreadsheet circled and labeled 2.

3.) To include your feedback on assignments in the export, expand 'Export format options' and click the box next to 'Include feedback in export' (1) and click 'Download' (2)

An image of the export format options, with Include feedback in export circled and labeled 1, and download labeled 2.

4.) Specify what you would like to name the file, select where you would like it to be saved, and click 'Save'

An example of saving the export file to your computer.

For some computers, the file will download automatically to the 'Downloads' folder. If you are not asked where to save the file, then check your downloads folder.

5.) Your file will be exported

The file may automatically open or you may have to open it.

An example exported grade file.

  • When you open the Excel spreadsheet, you will see all of the grade data that was stored in Moodle.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about exporting your student grade data from Moodle, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200.


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