Documentation and How-To's for University-supported software, specifically aimed at the use of the gradebook in the Learning Management System.

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Pinned Article Set Up Your Moodle Gradebook with Weighted Grades

Set up a Moodle gradebook with weighted grades.

Add a Grade Category in Moodle

Outlines how to add a grade category in Moodle.

Add a Graded Item (Column) in Moodle

Outlines how to add a graded item (column) in Moodle.

Create a Grade History Report in Moodle

Outlines creating a grade history report in Moodle.

Create Competencies in Moodle

This article discusses how to structure a competency framework to incorporate it into Moodle.

Curve Grades in Moodle

Curve grades in Moodle.

Export Student Grade Data from Moodle

Users through exporting student grade data from Moodle.

Grade Use Single View

Grade assignments in Moodle using the single view method.

Import Grades from a CSV File into Moodle

Import grades from a CSV file into Moodle.

Paste from Excel to your Moodle Gradebook

Outlines how to paste data from Excel into your Moodle gradebook.

Remove a Grade Item (Column) in Moodle

Remove a grade item (column) from Moodle.

Set a Reminder to Grade an Assignment

Outlines how to set a reminder for grading an assignment in Moodle.

The Easy Way to Grade Essay Questions in Moodle

Easy way to grade essay questions in Moodle.

Weighted vs. Natural Grading

Configure your gradebook.