How to Set a Reminder to Grade an Assignment

1.) Turn editing on in your course by clicking the gear icon beside of the course name (1) and then click 'Turn editing on' (2)

An image of the gear icon (1) and the turn editing on option (2).

2.) Find the name of the assignment that you would like to set a reminder for and click 'Edit' (1) and 'Edit settings' (2)

An image of the edit option (1) and the edit settings option (2).

3.) Scroll down to the 'Availability' section and beside of 'Remind me to grade by,' check enable and set the date

An image showing the location of Remind me to grade by, which has been circled.

  • This reminder is for the expected date that grading of the submissions should be completed by.

4.) Scroll down and click 'Save and display'

An image of the save and display button, which has been circled.

  • The reminder will display on the instructor's course overview block and in the calendar. It will display when at least one student has submitted.


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