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Easy way to grade essay questions in Moodle.
A fix for grades not pushing to the gradebook when using grading guides or rubrics.
Outlines how to add a grade category in Moodle.
Outlines how to add a graded item (column) in Moodle.
Outlines creating a grade history report in Moodle.
Curve grades in Moodle.
Outlines how to grade assignments using the streamlined grader in Moodle.
Grade assignments in Moodle using the single view method.
Import grades from a CSV file into Moodle.
Outlines how to paste data from Excel into your Moodle gradebook.
Remove a grade item (column) from Moodle.
Outlines how to set a reminder for grading an assignment in Moodle.
Set up a Moodle gradebook with weighted grades.
Configure your gradebook.