The Easy Way to Grade Essay Questions in Moodle

Essay questions are one of the question types in Moodle that require manual grading by the instructor. The technical process is pretty easy, but well-hidden. This walk through will demonstrate the technical process of entering grades and feedback for essay questions (the easy way).

Quick video tutorials

View a very short walkthrough of grading Essay questions in Moodle. View more videos in the Moodle Quiz playlist here. 

1.) Click the link to your quiz in Moodle

An example of an assignment, with the name of the quiz circled.

2.) Click on the gear icon beside of the quiz name and click 'Manual grading'

Image of an example quiz, with the settings gear and manual grading both circled.

3.) On the next page, click the 'grade all' link in the row of the question that you would like to grade

An image of the grade all link, with the total grade options circled.

4.) In the 'Options' section, select 'By student last name' or 'By student first name' for Order Attempts

An example of the options screen, with arrows pointed to filter options and change options.

  • Click the 'Change Options' button.

5.) Read responses and enter a grade (mark) for each one

An example image of responses, with 1 the essay answer, 2 the comments, and 3 the points fields.

  1. Student responses will appear in this area.
  2. You can leave optional comments for your students. You will need to have set up your Quiz Settings to allow your students to view this feedback after the Quiz is closed.
  3. Enter your grades here. Note that Moodle will provide the total number of possible points as a reference for you.

6.) When you have entered all grades and optional feedback on the page, scroll down and click the 'Save and go to next page' button

An image of the save and go to next page button, which is circled.

7.) When you are done grading this question, click the 'Back to the list of questions' link at the top of the page

An image of the link that points back to the list of questions, which is circled.

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