Grade Assignments Using the Streamlined Grader

1.) Click on the assignment name

An image of an example assignment, with the name of the assignment circled.

2.) At the bottom of the page, click 'Grade'

An image of the grade button.

3.) Provide feedback and grade to the student and click 'Save changes'

An image of the feedback screen, with numbers corresponding to the text below the image. 1 allows you to view all pages; 2 is a tool bar options; 3 is the student grade; 4 is feedback; 5 is save changes; and 6 is navigation.

1. The left and right triangles allow you to view all pages of the submitted assignment.
2. Use the tool bar options to add edits and annotations on the submitted assignment.
3. Type in the student grade.
4. Add feedback.
5. Click 'Save changes.'
6. Navigate to the next or previous student using the left and right red triangles.


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