Add a Grade Category in Moodle

A Grade Category in Moodle is a collection of Graded Items and/or Activities (columns). A Grade Category is especially useful if you're weighting multiple grades because you can weight an entire category of grades instead of doing it individually.

1.) In your Moodle course, click 'Grades'

  • It is located on the under the banner of your Moodle page.

2.) On the following page, click the following tabs: 'Grader report' and 'GradeBook Setup'

3.) Click the 'Add Category' button

4.) Enter the settings for the new grade category

Category name: The name you enter here will be the category name you see in your Grader Report or Joule Grader.​​​​​​

Aggregation: The Aggregation type is how grades within that column will be calculated. Simple Weighted Mean of Grades is the best choice in nearly every situation.

 You do not need to change any of the category total settings, if you're using Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.

Make sure to save your changes.

5.) The category will now appear in your gradebook in Moodle

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