Documentation and How-To's for University-supported software, specifically aimed at the use of assignments and forums in the Learning Management System.

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Pinned Article Moodle Assignments - Get Started

An introduction and tips for using Moodle Assignments.

Pinned Article Moodle Forums - Getting Started

An introduction and advice for using Moodle Forums

Collaborative Annotation with is a collaborative annotation tool that is available inside of Moodle

Create Assignments in Moodle

Create assignments in Moodle.

Create Discussion Forums in Moodle

Walks you through the steps of creating a group forum in Moodle.

Enable Feedback Files in Moodle

Enable feedback in Moodle.

Extend a Submission Deadline in an Assignment for a Single Student

Outlines how to extend submission deadlines in an assignment for single students in Moodle.

Forum Participation Report

Walks you through how to access the Forum Summary Report which outlines student participation within a forum in the LMS.

Grade Assignments Using the Streamlined Grader

Outlines how to grade assignments using the streamlined grader in Moodle.

Grade Forums in Moodle

Walks you through how to grade forums in the LMS.

How to Use ForumNG in Moodle

This article walks you through how to set up and manage the ForumNG activity in Moodle.

Moodle Checklist Plugin

This article summarizes how to add a checklist activity to a Moodle course and reviews the settings for the new Moodle plugin.

Provide Audio and Video Feedback in Moodle

Explains how to leave audio or video feedback on an assignment.

Specify Acceptable File Types for Assignment Submissions

Specify acceptable file types for assignments in Moodle.