Enable Feedback Files in Moodle

This walkthrough is for instructors who would like to upload Assignment files or documents to students, particularly files that have instructor feedback in them. This walk through assumes you've already created your Assignment, though this process can also be done during the process of creating it (just skip to Step 3).

Quick video tutorials

View a short walkthrough of enabling feedback files. View more videos in the Moodle Assignments playlist here. 

1.) In the top-left side of the header, click the green pencil icon to turn editing on

An image showing the gear icon as 1 and turn editing on as 2.

2.) Click the 'Edit' link next to the assignment (1) and select 'Edit Settings' (2)

An image showing the edit link labeled as 1 and edit settings labeled as 2.

3.) Select 'Feedback files' in the Feedback types section

An image of feedback types, with feedback files circled.

  • These settings may not be displayed by default if the Feedback types section is collapsed. To view these settings, click Feedback types (pictured above).

4.) Scroll down and click 'Save and display'

An image of save buttons, with save and display circled.

  • You can ignore the rest of the settings on this page.


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