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Outlines how to install SPSS 28 for Mac.
Classroom with 19 desktop computers, a projector, white board, and a printing station.
Overview of using Parallels to download, install, and run Windows 10 on a Mac (OSX) device.
Overview of using Time Machine to perform scheduled system backups on Mac OSX devices.
Provides an overview of backing up data on Mac computers to an external device.
This space serves as a lounge and collaborative work area and includes lounge chairs, rolling chairs, a white board, two Roku TVs, four desktop computers, and a printing station.
Classroom with seating available for 19 people which includes student computers, multiple TV monitors mounted on the walls, an overhead projector, a student printing station, and a touch panel controlling the entire room.
This is a photo digital lab in Arts West which can seat 16 individuals. There are desktop computers, a variety of professional printers, two projectors, and a web camera.
This room is a digital art classroom which can hold 20 students.
This room is a digital art classroom which can hold 20 students.
Shows users how to boot your Mac in safe mode.
Instructions for installing and accessing the AppsAnywhere software on a Mac.
Access a shared mailbox via Outlook for Mac.
Use Syncplicity on a Mac device.
Use some of the following tips to maintain your Apple or Windows computer.