Shared Mailbox via Outlook for Macs

1.) Click on 'Outlook' in the top left corner and select 'Preferences'

An image of the location of Preferences, which is circled.

2.) Click 'Accounts'

An image of the location of the Accounts button, circled.

3.) Click 'Advanced' in the lower right-hand corner

An option of the Advanced button.

4.) Select the 'Delegates' tab

An image of the delegates button.

5.) Click the '+' under the section for 'Open these additional mailboxes'

6.) Search for the name of your shared mailbox (1), select it (2), and click 'Add' (3)

An image of the choose a person screen, with the search bar labeled 1, the shared mailbox, labeled 2, and the add button labeled 3.

7.) Click 'OK'

An image of an added shared mailbox.

Your shared mailbox will now be added to your folder list on the left-hand side (shown below).

An image of a configured shared mailbox in the inbox, which has been circled.


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