Elon University email accounts.

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Pinned Article Office 365 for Students Guide

Microsoft Office 365 access for students.

Add Emails as Attachments

Instructions on how to forward emails as attachments.

Adding Gmail on an Android Device

How to add email to an Android device for students and alumni.

Adding Google Email on iOS Devices

How to add your Elon email account to iOS devices for students.

Adding Office 365 Email on an Android Device

Provides an overview for faculty and staff to add their Elon email to an Android device.

Adding Office 365 Email on an iOS Device

How to add email to an iOS device for faculty & staff.

Advanced Email Threat Protection

Overview of Microsoft's Advanced Email Threat Protection.

Change Reply All by Default in OWA

When working in email through Office 365, the default reply option is set to "reply all." This is a limitation set by Microsoft, and not by Information Technologies. However, users have the ability to change this setting on their own. To do so, follow these instructions.

Change Your Display Name in Gmail

How to change the display name for student email accounts which is useful for students who have had their account compromised. Display name may appear as something different from their name (e.g., like Outlook Team instead of John Doe).

Creating a Rule to Filter Purchase Request Emails in Outlook

Covers the process of creating a dedicated Purchase Request email folder in Outlook, as well as creating a rule to automatically filter Purchase Request SharePoint emails to this folder.

Creating Rules in Email with Mac Mail

Outlines how to create rules in Mac Mail.

Default Mail and Calendar on iOS Devices

To fix the issue of an iOS calendar not able to sync up with their calendar on OWA. The user can change their default calendar or email account.

Encrypt Elon Emails

Users at Elon University have the need to send confidential information to individuals either inside or outside of our organization through email encryption. This will take you through the steps to encrypt Elon University emails. This process is only for faculty and staff.

How To Remove Oneself from the FacStaff Mailing List

Provides an answer to the question if users can remove themselves from the FacStaff mailing list.

How to Setup Your Elon Email to Mac Mail

Follow these instructions to set up your Elon University email account in the Mac Mail client.

Junk Mail Folder via O365 Online Web Access

Information about checking your junk mail folder via Online Web Access.

Mailbox Quotas

Outlines mailbox quotas for students, faculty, and staff.

Mailing Lists

Outlines various commands and options for work with mailing lists.

Modify Outlook Calendar Entries without Sending Email Updates

Microsoft does not currently offer the option to update a meeting invite in Outlook without sending an update to all the meeting attendees. That does not mean it is impossible. This article outlines a simple workaround.

O365 Email Through Online Web Access FAQ

Answers frequently asked questions about online web access email.

Office 365 Message & Recipient Limits

Provides message and recipient limits for email for faculty and staff.

Problems with Mailing Lists

Outlines how to resolve common problems with mailing lists.

Questions about Student Gmail

Answers frequently asked questions about the student email service, Gmail.

Re-Enabled Email Account Security Verification

Provides steps users should take if their account as been disabled or compromised after they have reset their password and had their account re-enabled.

Setting Up Elon Email in OS X Mail for Students and Alumni

Outlines how students and alumni can setup their Elon email account in OS X mail.

Shared Mailbox via iOS Devices

Instructions how to access a shared mailbox via iOS devices.

Shared Mailbox via Mac Mail

How to access a shared mailbox via Mac Mail.

Shared Mailbox via Office 365

How to access a shared mailbox via Office 365.

Shared Mailbox via Outlook for Macs

How to access a shared mailbox via Outlook for Mac.

Shared Mailbox via Outlook for Windows

How to access a shared mailbox via Outlook for Windows.