Alumni Email Forwarding Service

What is it?

Elon offers graduating students and alumni the ability to register for an alumni email address that forwards email to a designated personal email account by enrolling in the Alumni Email Forwarding Service. After registering, an alumni email address ( will be created for you. Please note, this is not a new email account with an active inbox, but rather it is an Elon alumni email address that will forward to your designated personal email account.

How do I register?

After you have submitted your graduation application, you may register for the Alumni Email Forwarding Service. Please note, you may use this link to register until your student account expires. See below for the registration steps:

  1. Click "Self-Registration".
    • Please note, you must be logged in to your Elon Account to complete the registration process.
  2. The next page will prompt you to enter and confirm the personal email address you want your address to use for email forwarding.
    • Please note:
      • You must already have a personal email account to register.  
      • You must follow the verification link sent to your personal email account to enable the forwarder service. (You may need to check your spam or junk folder.)
  3. Click "Create".
  4. The next page will confirm the alumni email forwarder has been created and remind you to verify ownership by clicking the verification link in the email.
  5. Once you click the verification link you will see the "DuoCircle" confirmation that your email forwarding destination has been verified and activated.
  6. Any emails sent to the address will now be forwarded to your designated personal email account.
    • Please note, this will have no affect on your student email account (, which is a completely separate account. You may self-register until your student account expires the following year on April 15th.


  • How do I access my email?
    • You will log into the designated personal email account you used during registration to receive any emails being sent to
  • I'm confused. How does my email get into my personal email account?
    • is simply an Elon alumni address that forwards email to a designated personal email account. It is not an active email account with an inbox you will log into.
    • Example: The alumni email forwarding service works similarly to a post office forwarding service, where you send mail from one address to another. But, in this instance, the forwarding service does not expire.
  • Can I send email FROM
    • No, as it is not an email account.
  • I missed my self-registration window after graduation. Can I still register for the alumni email forwarding service?
    • If your Elon account expired before you completed the self-registration, you will need to contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.
  • Will my emails in my account transfer, too?
    • No. Your student email account ( is a separate account and will not be affected by registering for the alumni email forwarding service.
  • What will happen to my student email account?
    • Student email accounts ( expire on April 15th of the year following graduation. Any desired email in your mailbox must be saved elsewhere prior to that date.

Get Help

If you are experiencing trouble with the Alumni Email Forwarding Service website, registering, or making changes, you may call the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200. 

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