Create a Rule to Filter Purchase Request Emails in Outlook

I. Create a Folder for Purchase Request emails

1.) Right-click 'Inbox' from Microsoft Outlook and select 'New folder...'

An image of right-clicking the inbox, with "New Folder..." circled.

2.) Title the folder 'Purchase Requests'

3.) Your Purchase Request folder is now created.

An image of a successfully created email folder.


Folders in Outlook are organized alphabetically. If you wish to see the Purchase Request folder at the top of your Outlook list, perform the following:

  1. Right-click the Purchase Request folder

  2. Select 'Show in Favorites'

An image showing to right-click the folder and select show in favorites.

The Purchase Request folder will now appear in the "Favorites" list at the top of Outlook.

An image of a favorited email folder, which has been circled.

II. Creating Filter Rule

1.) Click 'Rules' from the Ribbon and select 'Manage Rules & Alerts...'

An image of the rules option expanded with an arrow pointing to it, with the Manage Rules and Alerts option circled.

2.) Click 'New Rule...'

An image of the New Rule button which has been circled.

3.) On Step 1, select 'Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder'

An image with Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder circled.

4.) On Step 2 of the same window, click the 'specific words' hyperlink

An image with specific words circled, which you should select.

5.) Type 'Purchase Request from' in the field (1), click 'Add' (2), and click 'OK' (3)

An image with Purchase request from labeled 1; Add labeled 2; and OK labeled 3.

6.) Back on the Rules Wizard, at Step 2, click the 'specified folder' hyperlink

An image with specificed folder hyperlink circled and an arrow pointing to it.

7.) Select the 'Purchase Request' folder from the list (1) and click 'OK' (2)

The Purchase Request folder is circled with a 1 next to it, and OK is labeled with a 2.

8.) Back at the Rules Wizard, click 'Finish'

An image of the rules wizard.

9.) Click 'Apply'

An image of Rules and Alerts with the OK button circled.

10.) Click 'OK' and close the window. You've now created a rule to send Purchase Request emails directly to the Purchase Request folder!

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